Why and How to Wear a Beard With a Bald Head? [2022 Definitive Guide]

Why and How to Wear a Beard With a Bald Head? [2022 Definitive Guide]

Beard styles for bald men in accordance with the face shape and personality

Losing hair and feeling a loss of confidence? No need to worry, we’ve written this article for you, to give you tips on how to look awesome by creating a bald look with a beard. 

A long time ago, there has been a stereotype about the unattractiveness of bald men. However, nowadays, shaved head with beard has become a new hot trend, that can often be seen on celebrities. Just think about it. There is certainly something about being bald and bearded that just exudes power and masculinity. No doubt about it, this combination of a shaved head and beard is something you should try! Why shave your head and grow a beard? Read this article to find out:


  1. 10 proven reasons to be bald with beard

  2. Beard styles for Bald Head, according to face shape and occasion

  3. +Bonus: Beard styles for long and double chin



10 Proven Reasons to Be Bald With Beard

1. Women like it 

According to the statistics, women find men with a bald head and beard smart, dominant, strong, handsome and very charming. The statistics also showed that pictures of “ bald and beard “ were rated by women 13 % more dominant, 6 % more confident, 10 % more masculine, about an inch taller and 13 % stronger than the pictures of men with a full head of hair. A firm beard with a sharply shaved head makes women see another manly and tough side of you. You will be much more attractive for women with your new look, just try it!

2. Creating the desired shape of your face

If you are losing hair or just decided to shave your head here is a perfect way of creating your face shape. Sad as it is, with a bald head you can’t absolutely hide the shape of your head. The good news is, this is where the facial hair comes for a rescue.  It allows you to adjust the shape and contours of your head, to get the desired bald look. For example, if you’re skinny, growing out the sideburns and cheeks will add some boldness to your look. In any case, before deciding on any particular style, make sure to determine your natural face shape. In the next part of this article, you can find the best beard styles for bald men with different types of face shapes.

3. Extraordinary and much more attractive appearance

Another benefit of having a shaved head with beard is an outstanding and attractive look. It’s not a secret that unusual characters with vivid individuality are always paid much more attention. Thus, with this extraordinary and creative combination, a bald guy with beard will stand out of the crowd and have an extremely attractive, fresh and up-to-date look. Your new appearance will be the beginning of a new adventurous life, where you will never feel lack of women’s attention!

4. A shaved head and a beard subtract years from your age

When we are young, we never worry about how to look even younger, stay healthy or take care of ourselves. However, after reaching our forties, this becomes a major concern for everyone. Studies prove that a man with a bald head and beard looks younger than those with just a shaved head. Especially if you decide to dye your beard, conceal the white hair and take care of your scalp you will undoubtedly get your desired look.

5. Creating a “Tough Guy Look” and emphasizing the masculine side of you

We often hear men complaining they have a childish look with a cleanly shaved face. Growing a beard is one of the best solutions for it! A shaved head with beard is the key to mastering the “Tough Guy Look”, for which a head shaver and a balding clipper is everything you need. Just shave your head, grow some beard and groom it regularly. 

A perfect combination of style and masculinity that would keep all eyes on you.

6. Finding the right balance 

Being deprived of having a head full of hair people tend to grow hair elsewhere, which usually turns up to be a beard or/and a moustache. In fact, the latter is a perfect way to balance the overall look with a minimum effort. That is why having a beard with a shaved head makes one of the current fashion trends. Luckily, you can have a well-groomed beard despite the fact that you are losing hair. So don’t stress about your bald look, simply add some facial hair and rock it!

7. Getting rid of irritated red skin

Shaving your face every day is really hard on your skin, isn't it? Red and irritated skin, nicks and cuts, ingrown hair etc. This is because the facial skin is much more delicate than that of the head. So, growing a beard designates shaving less often and thus taking care of your skin and health. Moreover, you will have a definitely attractive look with your shiny bald head and a sleek beard.

8. Create your intellectual and winning look

Perfect idea for an intellectual look! A shaved head and a neatly-groomed beard - this is all you need to accomplish your intellectual appearance. People are psychologically biased to see men with bald heads and beards as dominant leaders and according to statistics, they are more likely to be successful. So "shaved head and beard" will be your winning look at the interviews, business meetings and while negotiating with the partners. Add a pair of stylish eyeglasses to complete your winning look.

9. Hiding a long chin

If you have a long chin which doesn’t appeal to you and would like to hide it, the beard is a way to go. Unlike women who don’t have many options, men can easily hide this feature under a thick layer of beard. Growing a Full Beard or a Pointed Beard is the best solution for your type of face. Not only it will help get the desired shape for your face, but will also create a masculine look with your clearly shaved head.

10.Hiding a double chin

Growing a beard is an easy and effective solution for those with a double chin. This a perfect way to cover up a double chin, giving your face a more defined look and creating the illusion of less body fat. Don’t hesitate and try this useful tip to create the best style of yours!


Shaved Head With Beard: Beard Styles for Bald Head

After all of the benefits mentioned above, if you have decided on growing a beard with a bald head just continue reading to find out how to choose the right beard style and to discover cool beard shapes for bald guys.

The first step to reveal how to look good bald with a beard will be identifying your face shape, then choose a beard style for your face shape, preferred style and occasion․ Here are 7 main face shapes: oblong, rectangular, round, square, diamond, inverted triangle and triangle. Once the face shape is defined, you will need to choose the beard style according to your face shape, occasion and preferred style. Here are the best beard styles for bald men according to face shapes, occasions and different styles. Are you ready for the big change?


This face shape is identified by a long and narrow bone structure.

A beard short in the bottom and fuller on the sides will make your face look wider. Avoid growing a long, narrow beard that counters all laws of symmetry.

Recommended beard styles for Oblong face shape with a bald head: 

-    Mutton Chops or Imperial beard is the best option to create a wider face shape. However, you can also try Boxed Beard for a tough appearance and a light Stubble for a fashionable and stylish "bald with beard" look


Oblong face with Mutton Chops beard



Rectangle faces are about one and a half times longer than they are wide. The cheek lines running from temple to jawline are straight. These face shapes are very similar to the oblong shape but have an angular jawline.

Recommended beard styles for Rectangular face shape with a bald head: 

-  a badass look with a Full Beard, which is currently believed to be an ideal beard length and style for shaved head

-  a modern and youthful style with a neat Chin Curtain

-  a flirty intellectual look -  Extended Goatee

Rectangular face with Full beard, Goatee and Chin curtain


The round face shape is defined as a face with wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones.

A lengthy beard will be your best choice, as it will prolong your face as wide as it is round. Keep the side parts short and let everything grow fully under the chin. Different variations of goatee are a pretty good choice: an extended goatee, half goatee or goatee with a moustache (fuller hair at your chin going up around the mouth). Bald head and goatee highlight your masculinity in its best ways! A light stubble is also a good decision. But even better is the beard that was created by Eric Bandholz: longer full beard with a connecting moustache. That will make your chin look weaker giving you a look of a modern hipster.

Recommended beard styles for Round face shape to create: 

-  a traditionally stylish shaved head and goatee look and a narrow face with a classic Goatee, an extended Goatee, full Goatee, half Goatee, Goatee with a moustache, bald and long beard and all the similar beard styles

-  a narrow face with a light Stubble:  shave the upper part of your beard on the cheeks, and give it a shape that makes your face look narrow

-  a young and handsome appearance with a Chinstrap Beard

-  a modern hipster look with a Soul patch beard style

Round face with Goatee, Soul Patch and Chin strao beard



The square-shaped face has a wide hairline and jawline.

With this kind of face shape, you need to avoid straight lines and try to smoothen your face shape with the help of facial hair. Similar to guys with round faces, you will probably want to create a long and narrow face. Because your face is more angular than a round one, it’s important to shape the beard as it grows. It is a great idea sculpting it into a rounded, more oval shape as it becomes fuller. To keep it neat, cut your beard shorter on the sides while letting it grow thicker around your chin.

Recommended beard styles for Square face shape with a bald head:  

-  a macho style with a Balbo beard

-  a stylish and fresh look with an Extended Goatee

-  a charming, mature, wise and experienced look with a Chinstrap Beard

Square face with Balbo, Goatee, Chin strap beard


The diamond face shape is described by a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones.

Beard styles that work best with this face shape have narrower sides and fullness at the chin. That means it’s best to keep the sides short while growing out the bottom of your beard. As your cheeks are sharper than your chin, you may want to keep the chin hair slightly shorter than the rest of the bottom. You can also give this illusion by sculpting the beard into an oval shape with a good beard wax or oil.

Recommended beard styles for Diamond face shape with a bald head:

-  a “Tough man look” with a Full beard

-  a young and handsome look with a Balbo Beard

-  a confident and wise look with a Chinstrap Beard

-  a charming youthful look with a Goatee Beard

Diamond face with Goatee, Balbo, Chin strap and Full beard


This face shape is characterized by a wider forehead and narrower chin. Keeping the style fuller around the jaw helps to add weight to the narrower chin. The classic Garibaldi beard is a great means for enhancing your face shape, which has a full-grown beard and a connected moustache, with the facial hair trimmed in a circular shape at the ends to create a rounded face shape. This will give a compelling look to one with a bald head by defining a brand new style. Although this style is described as low maintenance, it is essential to keep the bottom of the beard rounded and symmetrical.

Recommended beard styles for Inverted triangle face shape with a bald head: 

-  knowledgeable, wise and experienced look with a Mutton Chops Beard

-  fashionable and confident look with a Chin Curtain Beard

-  a trendy, badass look with a Full Beard or an Extended Goatee Beard

Inverted triangle face with Mutton Chops, Chin curtain and Extended Goatee beard


This face shape has a small, narrow forehead and a larger jawline.

This creates a tricky situation since you already have volume in the area where you want to grow a beard. For this reason, no full beards are recommended. There still are a couple of options to rock your beard. You can keep everything short and neat or grow a long beard but keep it short on the sides, then sculpt it inward to create an oval face illusion of a bald guy with a beard.

Recommended beard styles for Triangular face shape with a bald head: 

-  a charming look with a Chinstrap beard and a moustache

-  a modern and stylish look with a Goatee and a moustache

-  a tough guy look with a Balbo beard

Triangle face with Balbo, Goatee and Chin Strap beard


Beard can also be an effective solution for hiding a long chin or a double chin. Want to know how? Keep reading.


+Bonus: Beard styles for long and double chin

Beards For a Long Chin

If you are a lucky bald man with a long chin and want to hide it, here is the best way to do so: grow a beard. A beard will cover the long chin and give you a perfect look. Choose from a large variety of styles based on your personal taste and the look you aim to get. 


Beards For a Double Chin

If you have a double chin with a bald head there’s no way to hide it on a shaved face. Growing a beard is an easy way to cover up a double chin, giving your face a more defined look and creating the illusion of less body fat while having a shaved head.

The key to covering up a double chin with a beard is the length. Keep your beard short and the skin will still be visible underneath, resulting in a less defined jaw. Let it grow out a little and you can hide the upper portion of your neck, giving you a slimmer looking face.

Recommended beard styles for Double chin with a bald head: 

-  a tough guy look with a Full beard or Pointed bears to show off how badass you are

-  a stylish look with an Extended Goatee or Chin curtain beard


To Sum Up: 

No question about it, having a bald head with a beard is a winning combination that helps you finetune your face shape, by redefining the contours and hiding what you want to hide..
So how to shape a beard with a bald head? Easy, just make sure, you choose the right "bald with beard" style that goes hand in hand with your face shape, the style you wish to create as well as your lifestyle.

Happy grooming dear friends, you now definitely have loads of ideas for experimenting with your appearance and styling a beard with a bald head!

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