by Skull Shaver

  • First Dry Head Shaver

  • Easy to reach back of head

  • Horizontal design

  • Grooves to easily support fingers movement

  • Each side evenly balanced and precise

  • Patented utility designs

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GQ Magazine


Best rotatory electric shaver for bald head by New York the strategist
New York The Strategist


Best overall Bald Head shaver 2023 by SPY USA


Best Electric Head shaver overall 2023 by Top 10 reviews USA
Top Ten Reviews


How our innovative products help millions every day?

Head Shaving

Quick and hassle-free shaving. Ensures no nicks or cuts. Whether you prefer a wet or dry shave, you can achieve a smooth finish in just 90 seconds. Enjoy a clean, comfortable shave anytime, anywhere.

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Painless Grooming

Ladies! Enjoy painless grooming with hypoallergenic blades that prevent nicks and cuts. Now shave wet or dry, and achieve silky smooth skin every time. Comfortable finish anytime, anywhere.

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Shape and Shave

Shape and shave your facial hair with ease using stepped twin foil blades for a smooth finish. Enjoy a safe shave with no blade and no blood, ensuring a clean and comfortable experience.

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Super easy Haircuts

Achieve a super easy self-haircut for less than $1, and even give haircuts to others with ease. Trim the back of your head effortlessly for a professional look without the salon price.

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Shave faster with hypoallergenic, individual floating blade heads that allow 360-degree contouring. Enjoy a smooth, comfortable shave that adapts to your contours effortlessly.

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Everything you need for everyday grooming. Be it our sturdy and spacious travel cases, or easy to use back shaving handle, or our efficient rinse stands. Skull Shaver accessories cover it all.

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Skull Shaver Mission & Values

Innovate Grooming and Hair-cutting products which are easy to use, comforting and fast.
We support the most vulnerable in our society by contributing funds and labor.