Should I shave my head?

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Should I shave my head?


> Fighting against hair loss: Treatments didn’t work out

> How would I look with a shaved head?

> Benefits of shaving the head

> What if I don’t like how I look shaved?


If you are a male who has reached adulthood you have probably asked yourself these questions more than once. Don’t stress! You are not alone asking this question, and if you are reading this, the chances are that you still struggle to make the final decision.

There have been numerous studies concluding that hair loss is a nature's joke on men and everyone starts losing hair starting from age 18. Though for some this process goes unnoticed till their 40s, there are many people who start the fight with hair thinning and balding even before they reach 20 years.

Most commonly, this results in loss of self-confidence and fear to look older and less attractive.


In this article, we have tried to discuss the most common questions that you might ask yourself for a while. We hope it will help you find some answers and take another look at your balding as well as discover possible solutions.


Fighting against hair loss: Treatments didn’t work out

So let’s take it from the beginning. Chances are that you have fought it for too long.

Man with full of hair staring at himself through the mirror

For 90% of a male who notices the start of balding, the first reaction is to fight against it. Hair boosting shampoos, food supplements, oils, laser treatments are among many remedies available over the counter. Some of them prove to be more effective than others and can slow down the process of balding, but in most cases, this will be just a temporary solution. The reason is there is no universal treatment that would work for everyone. We are all unique and we all have a unique DNA, so sometimes treatments will help some and won’t do any good to others.

Moreover, many of these remedies can have numerous side effects on your health. So, to make sure you do not harm yourself while struggling to grow the perfect hair before you start any kind of medical treatment against hair loss, we would strongly encourage you to see a doctor who will look into the root of the problem to give a solution that would best fit your situation. The key is finding a good specialist since depending on the causes of hair loss you might want to see one of the following practitioners:

 • Dermatologists - In many cases, hair loss can be related to skin problems and diseases, such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff), fungal infections.

• Endocrinologists - Millions of people suffer from thyroid disease and other hormonal issues. In most cases, this has a direct effect on hair growth.

• Nutritionists - Hair growth is strongly related to digestion and a healthy metabolism. A good nutritionist can help you follow a balanced diet and adopt healthy eating habits, which in the long run will improve the quality of your hair

While all of the above might more or less help you slow down the process of balding, the truth is once the mechanism is launched, there is no way to bring everything back.  And as soon as you face it, you will logically start looking for an answer to the next question.


How would I look with a shaved head?

You have different concerns regarding the overall look without any hair and that is just fine. You are going to take a step forward and change your look. What if your friends and family don’t like it? What if you will be no longer interesting for the opposite sex? What if you look too old? Asking yourself these questions is quite legit. However, in most cases, you are overreacting.

well shaved headed man with a shaving foam on his face looking at himself through the mirror

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With the evolution of male beauty standards, you cannot neglect the fact that nowadays bald head has become a symbol of masculinity and strength. Think of Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and many others who are among the sex symbols of current showbiz.

Many men go bald not because of hair loss, but because it’s the trend.  

Your attitude is the absolute key to success. Just take the decision and be confident. At the end of the day shaving your head is not irreversible and you can always grow back your hair to where it is now.

Will my head look good bald?

Now that you’ve made the decision to go bald, you would want to better understand what will be the impact on your appearance. How to answer to the question "What would I look like with a shaved head?". In many cases, your look will change considerably after shaving your head. There are a few things to keep in mind before taking the final step.

• Head shape: while we can find examples of bald men with different head shapes, who look pretty good, as a general rule the rectangle, square and diamond-shaped heads look best without hair. Having a strong chin/jawline will guarantee a successful shaved head look for maximum masculinity and sexuality.

• Facial hair: If your head shape is more round, oblong or cone-shaped you risk not getting the look from the magazines. This is when you should put an accent on your facial hair (beard, moustache) in order to get a more balanced look, putting an accent on other parts of your face.

• Skin tone: as a general rule the darker your skin colour, the easier it is to pull off a bald look. While there are exceptions, the shaved head looks better on tanned skin tones. If you are more a pale type, consider getting some sun exposure before (and after) going bald. This will also help avoid a noticeable colour contrast with your face, right after you get rid of your hair.

On a side note, if you’ve ever had a very short haircut and liked the way you look, then you don’t have to worry, you will look just as good (or even better) when you go bald.


I am slim, will it fit me to be bald? I am a bit overweight. How will I look bald?

Whether you are too slim or have excess fat, going to the gym is the ultimate decision for you.

When you have a bald head, every single change in your body shape and physical condition is much more noticeable for everyone around.

If you are too slim, your overall look might become too feminine and “naked” with a bare dome. That is when you would want to add some muscles to power up your look.

In contrast, when you are overweight, the excess weight may build up in your face and neck, and that extra fat will be much more noticeable without your hair since there is no distraction from your face.

The good physical condition goes hand in hand with a dominant masculine look (and we have many examples for that) so consider revisiting your lifestyle and go for that sexy bald look the girls would kill for.


Shaved headed men standing in a red sleeveless shirt

Benefits of shaving the head

Though it might seem odd in the beginning, once you start living with a bald head you will notice that your new condition has its benefits.

The fresh look

Fresh look - a fresh start. For many people, a radical change in the appearance gives a boost of self-confidence and motivation and opens new doors both in personal and professional life. Once you turn that page in your life you will probably look to changing other aspects of your life (clothing, lifestyle etc.). And guess what? You will absolutely love it!

Saving time and money

Maintaining hair (especially when balding) requires continuous efforts, time and money. Once you shave your head, you will forget about the times you spend every morning thinking how to cover up your balding head, what product to use to make your hair look thicker, how to find time to wash your head before important meetings etc. With your new ‘haircut’ you’re up and ready to go without having to worry about your look. Last but not least, you will save enormous time and money on hairdressers, hair treatments and shampoos.

Comfort, Less Care

Of course, the bald head also requires regular care, since you will eventually have hair growing on your head. Also if you choose to complete your bald look with facial hair, you need to make sure your beard and moustache are always nice and tidy. Fortunately there are various tools out there that will help you get that neat look starting from razors to electrical shavers designed specifically for head shaving.

In any case, once you shave your head you will be surprised by the ease of maintaining a bald look with little effort. Please note that you need to take care of your bald head by using moisturizers, aftershave gels and especially sunscreens when going out in the sun.

Self Confidence

Self-confidence and deliberation, that’s what you will feel once you have finally closed the door to the endless struggle with your hair. The release of insecurity and freedom gained is so worth it. Remember you are not alone in this. Millions of people have faced the same issue at some point in their life. Once you’ve made the decision, never look back. You rock it!

Discovering your facial features

While you were busy spending enormous efforts on covering your balding head and making your hair look nice, you might have missed the fact that you actually have interesting and beautiful facial features, that are hidden under your haircut, hat, sunglasses or any other mean to cover up the fact that you are losing hair. Maybe it’s time to uncover your true appearance and underline the facial features that you can be proud of.


What if I don’t like how I look shaved?

With the first look in the mirror, you might feel frustrated and regret your decision. Your friends and family might also have mixed feelings towards your new look. Don’t stress! Give your entourage and yourself some time to get used to your new “me”.

And remember, in case you really cannot go with your new look after a couple of months, you can always grow back your hair to where it is now.



All of the above-mentioned questions are legit, but they must not hold you back from taking the action, because the advantage of buzzing it all off or as we call it being “liberated” is overwhelming to any other concern. These questions that you ask yourself, your friends and family are just your fears of being not accepted by society. If you are still hesitant there are many communities and groups on the internet discussing the topic, Reddit, for instance. Try reaching out to them with your concerns. Learning about other people’s experience will help you find your way. Just remember that a positive attitude and self-confidence will do half of the job. At the end of the day, people will accept your new shaved head look only if you accept it yourself.



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