The Benefits of Going Bald

The benefits of Going Bald? - A bald man pointing finger

I started losing my hair at a young age. It affected every aspect of my life. It was difficult to find the confidence to make new friends and create long lasting relationships. My lack of confidence led to trouble with job interviews, first dates, and anything involving being the center of attention. 

I wanted a solution. There are so many products for hair growth. Even cosmetic surgery was an option. None of those ever felt quite right to me. They felt superficial. They were expensive. They required ongoing maintenance. They were not for me.

Eventually I decided to lean into it and shave my head. It was the best decision I could have made. 

I immediately started seeing my look as my choice instead of something being forced on me by genetics and Mother Nature. Taking control of my look gave me back the confidence I was lacking. I want to share some of my favorite benefits of being bald with you, and maybe you can take back control of your personal style as well.

I Am Not The Only One

Bald men and women are everywhere! The more I looked at the world, the more people I saw making the same choice I was making. From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, there were successful people rocking a bald head. Whether to enhance their looks, decrease their styling time or make a fashion statement. People were choosing to go bald. 

Popular figures like Jason Statham, Jeff Bezos, Bruce Willis, Amber Rose, Demi Moore and so many others have reached the top of their fields while sporting a shaved head. They are extremely successful and bald. I used to view my hair loss as a deterrent to success and now I see that it is possible whether you have hair or not.

These amazing people prove to me everyday that being yourself and owning your style is possible even though I was originally upset with my hair loss.

Famous people with Bald hairstyle

My Hair Does Not Determine Who I Am

It may sound like your mother talking but it is what’s inside that counts. The more I got over my confidence issues the more I realized that other people didn’t care as much about my hair as I thought they did. Women in my life began to comment on how attractive I looked and how different I acted once I shaved my head. They loved the new confident aura I projected and I knew it came from me taking control of my style. It reminded me that I am a whole person. Accepting who I am and coming up with a look that fits me is not the only aspect of my image, but only a part of it.

Bald Men Are Seen As More Powerful And Influential

The better I felt, the more I started looking into other people’s experiences. I ran across this article from the University of Pennsylvania. It is an interesting study about perception of men and how that perception changes with a shaved head. The results confirm all the feelings I was having. Researcher Albert E. Mannes, who is bald himself, recorded the reactions of people who were shown a series of pictures of men. The participants were shown pictures of men with full heads of hair and men with a fully shaved head. Participants reported the bald men to strike them as more powerful and influential than those with a full head of hair. Clearly the world views a fully shaved head as equal to, if not superior in some categories. I assumed the world would look at me as lesser because of my bald head, but it was the opposite or a non-factor according to this. It lined up with my experience perfectly.

Quick And Easy To Maintain

Carrying and maintaining the bald look does not require much time, money or effort. I went from spending hours trying to hide the balding to just a quick shave in the morning and being ready to go. I would try to style the hair I had left to cover the bald spots. Or I would spend time at the barber often trying to get it just right. 

Once I chose to go completely bald, I never had to go to the barber again. I never had to bring a comb with me or find a mirror if the wind had moved my carefully placed hair. It was easy. I felt like I had a great hairstyle right out of bed, after showers, at the gym, and going out at night. It was always ready to go and I looked great. No more decisions or stressing about it. Quick shave and I’m good for the day. It barely increased the time I was already spending shaving my face.

Style Without Maintenance with Skull shaver

Be Yourself With or Without Hair

In the past, going bald was a terrifying nightmare that many men worried about. Today, baldness is a style choice that anyone can make and feel confident in their look. Losing your hair can be inevitable but losing your sense of style and your confidence doesn’t have to be. You choose how you look and if you feel good about it, everyone around you will feel it too. Rock your bald head proudly and with confidence that you look fantastic without any hair at all.

(This article has been written by a close Skull Shaver friend who wishes to remain anonymous)

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