Skull shaver Forte PRO 3 head replacement blade. These blades let you shave faster and in tighter areas than our previous designs.
Skull shaver PRO blades are built stronger. The smaller blade profile more closely conforms to tightly contoured areas such as your chin or jawline.
Skull shaver Forte PRO 3 head blades are separable for easy cleaning
Skull shaver Forte Pro 3 head replacement blade made from Hypo-allergenic Japanese stainless steel
Skull shaver Forte pro 3 head have flexible shaving head. Each blade floats independently, allowing 360° of contouring.
Skull shaver Forte PRO 3 head blades protect against irritation. The blades are spring-loaded and will fully retract into the housing if pressed too hard.
Skull shaver blade type guide - Comparison of forte carver and baron blades

Forte PRO 3 Head Replacement Blade for Pitbull, Palm, and Butterfly Kiss Shavers

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  • Forte PRO 3 Head Blade