The Pitbull Platinum Pro is a versatile head and face shaver. It offers a comprehensive grooming solution for both your head and facial hair.
Skull Shaver boasts an ergonomic handle design for effortless shaving. Enjoy a comfortable and user-friendly grooming experience.
The Platinum Pro features a convenient battery life indicator. Stay informed about your shaver&
The Platinum Pro includes a rinse stand and travel case for added travel convenience. These accessories simplify your travel grooming routine, ensuring ease and organization on the go.
The Platinum Pro allows for effortless wet or dry shaving. Enjoy versatile grooming options with ease and convenience.
The Platinum Pro head and face shaver is equipped with four precision head blades. This advanced configuration ensures a superior grooming experience for both your head and facial hair.
Find replacement blades for your Skull Shaver with the 4 Head Pro blades. Keep your grooming device performing at its best with these high-quality replacements.
Explore a comprehensive comparison chart for Pitbull Silver, Gold, and Platinum shavers. Easily compare their features to find the ideal grooming solution for your needs.

Pitbull Platinum PRO Head and Face Shaver (USB Charging Cable)

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What's In The Box

  • Pitbull Platinum PRO
  • Forte 4 Head PRO Blade
  • Pitbull Travel Case
  • Platinum Rinse Stand
  • USB Wall Plug Adapter and Charging Cord
  • Rubber Charging Port Cover
  • 2 Year Warranty