How to Clean a Skull Shaver

How to clean a Skull Shaver?

Have you recently purchased a Pitbull shaver?

Are you using the Butterfly Kiss shaver?

Any Skull Shaver product takes some maintenance to stay in top condition. The Skull Shaver brand provides a high quality shaving experience and it is worth the effort to keep your shaving device in top condition

Why is it important to keep your shaver clean?

  • Get the best, close shave every time.
  • Enjoy the same performance as day one, each time you shave.
  • Avoid the hassle of buying a new shaver frequently.
  • Extend the life of your shaver.
  • Avoid nicks, cuts, skin irritation and razor burn.

Skull Shaver Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your shaver is easy and painless. It will just take a few minutes and it is worth it.

Learn to clean a skull shaver device

Enjoy the simplicity of cleaning your shaver in just a few minutes. For best results we recommend the Platinum Rinse Stand (sold separately). It is specifically designed for easy cleaning and maintenance of all skull shaver devices.

Platinum Rinse Stand: Skull Shaver Cleaning Station

The Platinum Rinse Stand is a practical tool designed for fast and easy cleaning of your Pitbull, Butterfly Kiss or Palm shaver. The Platinum Rinse Stand is compatible with all Skull Shaver models.

Follow these easy steps to clean your shaver after each shave

If you have a 5 head blade, turn the shaver on and dip the running blades in the Rinse Stand or a bowl of water and let the blades run for 30 seconds to a minute.

If you have a 3 or 4 head new generation blade, you can even separate the blades from the drivetrain (separate the blades by pressing up on the tab) and give them a deep clean inside and out. The blades will snap off and you can rinse them under running water.

Add some warm water into the Platinum Rinse Stand.
Place the shaver on the chrome plated handle.
Immerse the blades of your shaver into the water by pulling down the handle. Turn the shaver on and let it run for 5 seconds.
Turn off, remove from the water and let dry.

And that’s it! Your shaver is ready for the next use.

Using Rinse stand


If you follow these simple steps for cleaning your shaver, your shaver will reward you with great feeling skin and a smooth, fast shave.

Even without the Platinum Rinse Stand, use a bowl with water to clean your shaving device using the same techniques.

Platinum Rinse Stand

How Often Should I Clean my Skull Shaver?

After every shave is highly recommended. For optimum performance, you could give a quick rinse while shaving. Only dip the blades into water, do not submerge the shaver body. When wet shaving, take extra care to thoroughly clean the blades. For a more thorough cleaning, leave the blades running in the water for up to 10 minutes. 

When to Replace the Shaver Heads?

We recommend replacing the blades every three (3) to six (6) months of normal usage. This period can be less or more depending on the amount of use. We recommend replacing the blades if you feel it pulling hair instead of cleanly shaving. The blades twist off the handle with a quarter turn and the new blades are installed just as easily. Simply remove the old blade and replace it with the new one. Replacement blades can be purchased at

If you have more questions regarding the cleaning, care, and maintenance instructions of your skull shaver electric shaver, call us for support.

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