Skull Shaver Holiday Sale 2019 - The Ultimate Deals

Skull Shaver Holiday Sale 2019 - The Ultimate Deals

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are in the rear view mirror. But don't worry! Skull Shaver is keeping the deals going until you are home for the holidays.

The Skull Shaver Holiday Sale is LIVE on and

After a great start to the holiday shopping season, Skull Shaver is offering even more ways to save! 

Whether you are looking to change your style and need new tools or you need an upgrade from your old shaver,  the holiday season is your best bet for a great deal.

Skull Shaver Holiday Sale Highlights

Skull Shaver is offering deep discounts across almost every category, with a special focus on the Beast Clipper, Pitbull Platinum Shaver, and the manicure kit. With the earliest Holiday Season Deal already announced, here are some others worth your attention:

Deal #1:

The #1 trending Pitbull Platinum Shaver & innovative Beast Clipper will be a package deal. Get the Platinum Shaver for keeping that bald look every day and get the Beast Clipper for only $1 more! Give the Beast Clipper as a gift or use it to keep an expertly crafted beard and/or great head of hair. With these two products together, you can pick and choose any look. 

Deal #2:

If you are looking to continue grooming beyond your head and face, Skull Shaver has the perfect compliment. Spend over $75, and get a FREE Manicure Kit! Keep every part of your body well-groomed and looking great this holiday season!

Avoid frequent trips to the barbershop

Do you only have time to shave in the car at every red light? The Pitbull Shaver is your new best friend. Keep yourself looking great with minimal time spent. 90 seconds and done! Check out the exciting range of Pitbull shavers to save yourself time without sacrificing that freshly shaved look.

Has shaving caused irritation in the past?

Has shaving caused irritation in the past

The new series of  Pitbull PRO blades are built with an innovative design to offer maximum comfort during shaving. One of the biggest sources of irritation is pressing too hard. Skull Shaver PRO blades are spring-loaded and will fully retract into the housing if pressed too hard. The springs keep the perfect amount of pressure against your skin, greatly reducing irritation. If you do press too hard, the shaver will also slow down, giving you an audible reminder to lower the shaving pressure. The rotary shaving heads make fast work of your stubble, allowing you to safely shave in any direction. The four heads glide smoothly over irregularities. They have won over customers with trouble areas due to birthmarks, freckles, scars, or those who simply cannot afford to break the skin. 

8 Big Reasons to Buy Pitbull Shaver:

  • Made with high-quality material using technically advanced equipment.
  • It offers unconventional comfort during shaving.
  • It uses IPX5 technology and is water-resistant, offering both wet and dry shaving.
  • It has flexing heads for extra reach.
  • Easy to clean, care for and maintain.
  • Pitbull shavers are equipped with a powerful integrated lithium-ion battery which allows quick charging and cordless use.
  • Less Irritation. No more painful nicks, stinging cuts, or raised scars.  
  • Gives an exceptionally quick and smooth shave.
Buying a Pitbull Shaver for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones is a smart idea. Getting them during the holiday sale at a great price is an even better one! This handy device removes hair from all parts of your body while being pain-free. Take advantage of the best deals and cheapest prices from and

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